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White Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

There are various interpretations of white butterfly tattoos. They represent different things to different people, which is why they are gaining popularity daily. They represent purity, solvation, innocence, transformation, luck, peace, and love. They also symbolize hope and the future. 

Each of these interpretations has a strong background and a deep meaning. Some people get a white butterfly tattoo because they simply like its stunning and stylish look. Some tattoo artists have their interpretation regarding its meaning, which they incorporate into their designs. 

In this article, you can explore the different meanings of the white butterfly tattoo and what it can represent for different people.

White Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

White butterfly tattoos are among men’s and women’s most popular designs. It has different meanings in different cultures. The white butterfly tattoo is always used to represent purity, innocence, and spiritual awakening. However, a white butterfly symbolizes freedom and hope. 

In Greek mythology, the white butterfly is considered to represent the soul. A butterfly’s transformation from a caterpillar to a beautiful flying creature is a metaphor for transforming a soul from a materialistic world to a spiritual one. So they craft tattoos to represent their relationship with spirits. 

Whereas in Christianity, the white butterfly tattoo is associated with the resurrection of Christ. It symbolizes the butterfly’s ability to emerge from a cocoon and transform from a caterpillar into a creature which symbolizes life’s triumph over death. In China, the white butterfly tattoo means good luck and prosperity. 

Chinese believe that if a white butterfly flies into your home to land on you, it signifies happiness and good fortune. In Japan, white butterfly tattoos are associated with the pure love of young ones. The butterfly’s delicate beauty and fleeting nature are thought to represent the ephemeral nature of love. 

It also represents the idea that we are continuously changing. Some different designs and ideas have different meanings also. Whatever the exact meaning is, always see your religious meaning and cultural value before having a white butterfly tattoo. 

White Butterfly Tattoo Style

The butterfly is a beautiful creation that enhances the beauty in any style you tattoo it. Following are some of the most demanding styles of a white butterfly tattoo.

Realistic White Butterfly Tattoo

The realistic white butterfly tattoo is becoming trendy to express their love for nature. When this beautiful butterfly landed on your arm, it paid tribute to your love of all things natural. It also symbolizes how you feel about life and how it should be lived. It moves you from your imagination to the real world.

A realistic white butterfly tattoo is done on the forearm that can showcase the butterfly’s stunning details, such as its delicate wings and intricate patterns. The butterfly has bright eyes that make it look like it is staring at you when you look at it. This makes it more alive and realistic. 

Feminine White Butterfly Tattoo

When a woman feels lost and confused, a white butterfly tattoo reminds her that she has the force to conquer any situation. It also symbolizes purity and innocence, which are also related to women. Its delicate and soft wings give a more feminine feel than other butterflies. 

This tattoo is about embracing your femininity and balancing your feminine and masculine sides. The feminine white butterfly tattoo is also known as the goddess of love and beauty and represents transformation and freedom. It also represents women’s ability to respect other opinions. 

3d White Butterfly Tattoo

The three-dimensional tattoo is a famous graphic design placed on any body part. Women, significantly younger ladies, most commonly prefer it. It signifies their glory and grace. It also believes that the 3d white butterfly tattoo is a sign of good luck, gives beauty, and adds color to a woman’s life. 

It also shows the ability of someone to fly high and cope with all life’s hardships. The white butterfly tattoo gives a 3d look in day time while it seems shiny at night. It is of different kinds and designs. So it depends upon individual preference on what they want. 

White Butterfly Tattoo Men

Men like to have white butterfly tattoos, which symbolize purity and peace. It also represents their ability to surrender to the circumstances and accept peace. It also represents an angle that loves peace. Males usually love to have tattoos on their hands, biceps, and behind the ear.

White Butterfly Tattoo Women

White butterfly tattoo has become an increasing fashion statement among females. 

The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. The butterfly’s wings symbolize freedom because it can fly everywhere and is not bound by any rules.

What Does it Mean When You See a White Butterfly On Skin? 

There are rare chances in life when a white butterfly lands on a person’s skin, but when it does, it indicates some helpful message. The message is that you will achieve emotional stability after a prolonged hardship. It sometimes indicates that your relationship with your partner is not so good.  

When white butterflies land on your skin, it also means that your differences with your friends and family are now ending. It also conveys that you need more confidence and dare to make decisions confidently.  Sometimes it is considered an angel watching over you. 

What Do You Essential to Know in Advance Getting White Butterfly Tattoo? 

People love tattoos of a butterfly with white inks while focusing on each detail related to this tattoo. It has different meanings and designs, so if you are thinking about getting a white butterfly tattoo, there are a few things that you should know in advance.


A white butterfly tattoo has many powerful meanings in different cultures.  Each meaning has a different background. Some use them to represent purity, while others consider them a sign of spirituality. 


There are small and large sizes available for white butterfly tattoos. Small tattoos are usually crafted on the wrist, ankles, and behind the ear. At the same time, large-size tattoos are on the back, shoulder, and upper arm. 


Whether you want to express your feelings or convey some message, a butterfly hand tattoo has every detail regarding your choice. So craft according to your wish. 

White Butterfly Tattoo Placement

White butterfly tattoos have become trending in men and women. It can be applied anywhere on your body except near an airway or any vital organ. Ensure the proper placement to get the maximum effect of the design m. So if you plan on getting a semicolon heart tattoo, consider the following point of placement. 

  • Upper arm: If you want to show others your struggles, get a white butterfly tattoo on the upper arm.
  • Wrist: The most common part of a white butterfly tattoo is the wrist, a specific area used for self-harm. Most couples craft it on their wrist. 
  • Collar bone: Most teenagers love to craft white butterfly tattoos on their collarbone. These are small and subtle tattoos.  
  • Behind the ear: The white butterfly tattoo behind the ear is big and elaborates on your struggle. 
  • Back: One of the favorite spots for white butterfly tattoos for women is the back, significantly lower back.
  • Ankle: If you love unique but delicate tattoos, get a white butterfly tattoo at the ankle. 


The cost of a white butterfly tattoo depends upon the size and complexity of the design. An average white butterfly tattoo usually costs $100-$200. Smaller butterflies can cost as little as $30, while medium-sized butterflies will run you between $200 and $400; the large ones can cost up to $600. You can use a good moisturizer which usually costs an additional $15 to $20. 

Celebrity With White Butterfly Tattoo 

With the increasing trend and spiritual meaning behind white butterflies, it is no surprise that celebrities also have this tattoo. The famous singer Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and even Rihanna have white butterfly tattoos. 


A white butterfly tattoo has endless meaning. Some cultures consider it a sign of innocence and purity. In comparison, some cultures represent it as spirituality. The white butterfly is also known as “the messenger” because it flies worldwide, spreading joy, happiness, and peace. So people also relate white butterfly tattoos with happiness and good fortune.


What Does a White Butterfly Tattoo Mean in Western Culture? 

In Western culture, a white butterfly is associated with spiritual meaning and purity. 

In Which Country White Butterfly Tattoo is Common? 

White butterfly tattoos are common in Japan, China, and Greece. 

Which is the place to get White Butterfly Tattoo for males?

Most guys love to have a tattoo on their upper arms. 

Do I have a White Butterfly Tattoo on my Collar Bone? 

Yes, you do. Due to their smaller size, most women love to have a white butterfly tattoo on their collarbone. 

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