Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning With 100+ Designs

purple butterfly tattoo meaning

Have you ever wondered why people crafted different tattoos on their bodies? Well! For them, tattoos are a way of self-expression and bringing fantasies to their life. However, some got tattoos to honour their culture or pay tribute to their eternal souls. They also used tattoos as signs of femininity and good luck, just like purple butterfly tattoos. 

The purple butterfly tattoo represents pure soul, love, and beauty. It has the same meaning for both genders. However due to the extreme elegance of the purple colour (lavender), it is mostly associated with females. It is considered a way to connect with your internal soul and those having this beautiful tattoo are considered very lucky. 

Whatever your skin tone is, it always works well because of its shrinking inks. But what purple colour is? Purple has more bluish time and is darker than violet, and this shade was first contained from molluscs—that’s why it is associated with royalty and wealth. If you want to learn more about purple butterfly tattoos’ meaning and cultural values, keep reading. 

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

They mean different things to different people; even different cultures have various significances regarding tattoos. Some cultures believe it is a sign of prosperity and good luck, while others have many false beliefs. Despite all the meanings, purple butterfly tattoos are becoming more trendy among teenagers.

The purple butterfly tattoo has a lot of meanings and symbols linked with it depending upon the composition of the tattoo, single or combined with other tattoos. Without any doubt, butterflies represent freedom, love, and change. If a girl tattooed purple butterflies as a part of Celtic design, it shows her tribute to her ancestors and family. 

If a girl combines only a butterfly’s wings, it shows her tribute to Psyche—the Greek muse of soul. However, drawing human eyes on the wings indicates that, like butterflies, the girls are also independent and feel light and free. The purple butterfly shows independence from all the hardships of life. It also means our capacity to flee away. 

Have you ever wondered why different feminine moments used purple colour? As purple represents the masculine and feminine union, it signifies equality, power, and tolerance. The tone of purple colour also highlights different meanings. The violet tone represents spirituality, humanity and magic as well. 

However, it also leads to selfishness and self-centeredness at the same time. The purple colour extracted from molluscs represents totality, wealth and nobility. This mark signifies existence free from all life’s problems and hardships. The butterfly is one of the most widespread tattoo designs to date. This may be due to its symbolism and sense.

But purple also has many negative meanings as well. Purple is also a sign of power, pride and arrogance. You can use this power in a good or a bad way, and it depends on you, so ancient kings and allied classes tattooed them to show their abuse of power, self-centeredness and pride, which always harmed people. 

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Meaning In Different Cultures

Purple butterflies have a message for us. Each culture has its own beliefs regarding purple butterfly tattoos. In some cultures, they represent the power of love and spiritual strength over an illness. However, in other cultures, purple butterflies convey expectancy and renewal- specifically, death. Let’s dive into detail to learn more. 

  • In Aztec culture, purple butterflies symbolize the souls of past warriors who sacrificed their lives for their land. At the same time, the Chinese think that the purple butterfly tattoo marks everlasting life and freedom. They also show true love. It is a symbol of immorality when a couple shares a single tattoo. They also considered it as a sign of good luck. 
  • The Japanese believe that the purple butterfly tattoo is a symbol of inanimate life. People who have this tattoo are most often tied to marriages and weddings. Some cultures believe that butterflies are a spiritual guide that helps lost souls find their way to the afterlife. The butterfly embodies freedom too, and the ability to go. 
  • Thai culture believes that it is a sign of love and happiness. French consider purple butterfly tattoos as their beloved to be around them. In the mythology of some Indian tribes, butterflies represent transformation and harmony in some conceit and silly manners, whereas some assume butterflies to be characters of good luck. 

Purple Butterfly Tattoos Popular Designs And Ideas

Purple butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular designs in the world. These tattoos appear aesthetic and super stylish. Each unique design has a hidden meaning inside it. They represent power, strength, courage, freedom and transformation like a butterfly. Following are some trendy purple butterfly tattoos.

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Blue and Purple Butterfly Tattoo

Blue and purple butterfly tattoos are most in demand nowadays. They are believed to bring luck and bliss and are often noticed as a symbol of longing, spiritual openness and a desire to share joy and happiness with others. The blue colour also shows the ability to tie with divine forces. It is a tattoo that shows mysticism.

Purple and Blue Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

The purple and blue butterfly tattoo symbolises strength, positivity, and rebirth. This tattoo can represent the change in your life, especially if you have lost a loved one or suffered some trauma. The butterfly is also seen as a symbol of happiness and luck. In other words, it embodies hope and positivity that things will improve.

Purple 3D Butterfly Tattoo

The 3D butterfly tattoo is a popular format in tattoo art. It takes its name from the fact that the butterfly’s wings are attached to its body and do not swim willingly. This design can make a fantasy of deep and dimensionality while supplying you with unique body art. The tattoo can be made using several methods. 

Commonly used methods are airbrush, hand-drawn, and computer-generated methods. The choice of method depends on your budget and private preference, as well as how much time you have available for your tattoo. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a colourful butterfly tattoo that fits your overall outfit!

Small Purple Butterfly Tattoo

A tiny tattoo is the perfect piece of ink for your first tattoo or spare to a sleeve. These sheer choices are fine and delicate so you can place them anywhere. For those who want to put it somewhere that’s easily concealed, opt for your ankle or wrist. This is a perfect choice for those who love lavish and trim designs.

Pink And Purple Butterfly Tattoo

The pink and purple butterfly tattoo is a thrilling choice for a girl who wants butterflies while maintaining cuteness. It is often worn by people curious about protection or environmentalism or trying to recover from concussion or sorrow. The colour choice is also crucial because it represents femininity and young love.

Flower With a Pink Butterfly Tattoo 

A tattoo’s meaning changes totally when combined with a flower. This flower with a pink butterfly tattoo is ideal for someone who loves and admires nature. The butterfly beats in the wind and appears looming over the flower in full bloom. The tattoo is slightly enough to be sported by anyone, but it is also eye-catching enough to make you stand out.

Beautiful Minimal Purple Butterfly Tattoo

A beautiful butterfly tattoo is a great way to show your love for nature and gratitude for the natural world’s beauty. At the same time, it can also be a great way to show your support for someone else. If you want a butterfly tattoo, beautiful minimal purple butterfly tattoos are better than others.

The most common butterfly tattoo designs contain wings of different colours in different places and sizes and a body contour. Your butterfly tattoo design must have a deep and determined colour scheme to stand out from other plans on your body without being overwhelming or diverting from any other parts of your body craft.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo Behind The Ear

Most people use tattoos behind the ear because it looks more attractive than any other place. It shows a person’s bravery in self-decision.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

The second most attractive place for a purple butterfly tattoo is the shoulder, as it is a visual place for everyone and represents your creative personality.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist

Do you prefer content upon shell? Get your purple butterfly tattoos on your wrist. Simple but precise tattoo butterfly tattoos symbolise femininity and magnificence in their rare forms.

Purple Butterfly Tattoo On Arm And  Forearm 

Most girls and boys love to craft tattoos on their arms and forearms because there is a lot of space to show creativity to others. It demonstrates the strength of a person. 

Purple Butterfly Tattoo On Back 

Most people love to tattoo outspread wings of purple butterflies on their backs, showing the value of freedom and rebirth. Most girls prefer such types of tattoos. 

Besides these areas, people also love to craft tattoos on their fingers, the inner side of the forearm, chest, butt, thigh, and ankle. Each tattoo has a specific meaning and detail.

Purple Watercolour Butterfly Tattoo Girls

Green and Purple Butterfly Tattoo

Placement For a Purple Butterfly Tattoo

Where do you usually see tattoos crafted on bodies? Different individuals are tattooed on different body parts. They are usually designed behind the ear, on the neck, back, wrist and ankle. Each tattoo has a different meaning depending upon the area. Let us see each meaning in detail and where a tattoo can look more attractive.

Cost Of Best Purple Butterfly Tattoos For Guys And Women

The cost of a purple butterfly tattoo can vary depending on several factors, such as size, intricacy of the design, and the tattoo artist’s experience. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $200 for a small to medium-sized purple butterfly tattoo.

Keep in mind that prices may vary significantly based on the location and reputation of the tattoo studio. It’s always best to consult with a professional tattoo artist for an accurate quote tailored to your specific design and requirements.

Celebrities Who Got Purple Butterfly Tattoos on their bodies

  • Queen Latifah has three Purple butterfly tattoos, one on her hand and two behind her right ear. She showed these tattoos in 2016 at an award show. She also said that while I am 40, I want to tell the public I am not done here like a butterfly. It is the start of my new journey like a caterpillar.
  • Harry Styles Tattoo is a big fan of tattoos as he has designed a big butterfly tattoo on his chest and has more than 50 different tattoos on his body. He is one of them who crafted big butterfly tattoos on their bodies.
  • Hazel E Tattoo has a tattoo on the back of her right shoulder, enhancing her beauty and making her attractive. Ariana Grande and Vanessa Hudgens have beautiful butterfly tattoos behind their neck. 
  • Shawn Mendes Tattoo made a butterfly tattoo on his left arm, which looks beautiful. This tattoo has its own story of this singer.
  • Janel Parrish Tattoo is an American singer with a butterfly tattoo on her left wrist. Americans think that the butterfly is associated with divine love. 
  • Dawson Creek got his first butterfly tattoo in 2003. She shared her views about the tattoo and said it is crazy to have such a tattoo, but it is a unique style to present yourself in front of the public. She said I want to love music even though I will be seventy.  

In Which Country Is the Purple Butterfly Tattoo More Popular?

Due to the popularity of Purple Butterfly tattoos as a sign of good luck, it is becoming more trendy among American teenagers and adolescents compared to any other country. Purple colour is the emblem of harmony and love. Butterfly directs to everlasting life.

New York ranks second in this trend while California on third, Illinois never left behind and ranked fourth position; purple butterfly tattoos have also become popular in other states like Georgia, which ranks fifth number and Florida is sixth as the most demanding country of purple butterfly tattoos. 

Final Thoughts:

The butterfly tattoo is not only beautiful; it makes sense! If you are familiar with the purple butterfly tattoo, you must know its moral and cultural values. It signifies good luck, femininity, royalty, prosperity and freedom. You can tattoo this beautiful insect on any body part you love. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is meant by a purple butterfly tattoo?

Purple butterfly tattoo symbolises love, good luck, and wealth in different cultures, but in some, it is a sign of grief; purple represents freedom and peace, known as good fortune. 

Q: Does the purple butterfly tattoo resemble something? 

Purple colour represents modification, liberty, and trust. It means to do good deeds and not to have sinful habits. The butterfly is more familiar with femininity and romance. 

Q: Can a butterfly tattoo change something?

As a caterpillar changes its nature and colour and becomes a butterfly, similarly, a butterfly is the symbol of transformation and the power to fly. It can modify things in life as a sign of adaptation. 

Q: What is the best place for a purple butterfly tattoo?

The chest, lower back, shoulder, arm, and neck are the best places to design tattoos. It looks attractive and gorgeous at these places. Tattoos represent your personality, so we should always place them right. 

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