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Scarab Tattoo Meaning: A Symbolic Journey through Time

In the world of tattoos, the scarab beetle holds a special place as a symbol of profound meanings. Each tattoo tells a unique story, and the scarab design is no different. Let’s take on a journey to explore the interesting meanings behind the scarab tattoo, connecting us to ancient Egyptian culture and deep spiritual beliefs. Let’s Explore What They Represent For Men and Women:

Resurrection: Rising from the Ashes

In ancient Egyptian culture, the scarab beetle, often referred to as the “dung beetle,” was a symbol of resurrection and new beginnings. Just as the scarab beetle rolls a ball of dung and hides it, only to see a new life emerge from it, the Egyptians believed in the concept of life after death.

This concept is similar to how the scarab tattoo represents a fresh start, a chance to rise above challenges, and the idea that even from the darkest times; one can emerge stronger and renewed.

Transformation: Metamorphosis Of The Soul

The scarab beetle undergoes a remarkable transformation from a humble larva to a majestic and resilient insect. This transformation mirrors the spiritual journey many individuals experience.

The scarab tattoo captures this essence of personal growth and evolution. Just as the scarab beetle evolves physically, the scarab tattoo symbolizes the internal changes and personal development that people go through in their lives.

Spiritual Journey:

The scarab beetle’s journey through the sand drift was seen as a reflection of the soul’s journey through the twists and turns of life. The scarab tattoo serves as a reminder of this profound spiritual journey that each person jumps upon. It inspires us to embrace the unknown, learn from our experiences, and continue moving forward with courage and flexibility.

Ancient Beliefs: Echoes Of The Past

Ancient Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle had the power to protect against evil forces and bring good luck. This belief was so strong that they often placed scarab good luck charm on the mummies of the deceased.

The scarab tattoo carries these ancient beliefs into the modern world, acting as a symbol of protection, strength, and positivity. By wearing a scarab tattoo, individuals carry with them the echoes of these age-old convictions.

Connection To Egyptian Culture:

The scarab beetle was not just a symbol; it was an integral part of ancient Egyptian culture and mythology. The Egyptians associated the scarab with the sun god, Ra, and the cycle of life.

The scarab tattoo acts as a bridge between the past and the present, allowing us to connect with the rich history and wisdom of a civilization that succeeded thousands of years ago. It serves as a real link to the values and beliefs that shaped the lives of the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian People Also Same Meaning For the Semicolon butterfly tattoo.

Loyalty: Devotion Beyond Measure

Scarab Beetles Tattoo are known for their dedication to their families. Just as they exactly prepare food for their offspring, they symbolize loyalty and devotion. The scarab tattoo summarizes this profound loyalty, reminding us of the importance of staying true to our loved ones and standing by their side through thick and thin.

What They Represent On Other Cultures in Different Countries:

Ancient Egypt:

In Egypt, a long time ago, people believed in a special beetle called the scarab. They thought this beetle had magical powers and brought good luck. They used to make little sculptures of scarabs and put them on mummies and jewelry. So, a scarab tattoo might remind some people of good luck and protection.


In China, tattoos are not as old as in some other places, but dragons are really important there. Dragons are like powerful and wise creatures. Some people might get a scarab tattoo to feel strong and lucky, just like a dragon.


In Japan, they have something called “kabuto,” which means helmet. It’s because the scarab beetle’s shape looks like a warrior’s helmet. Some folks might get a scarab tattoo to show bravery and honor, like a warrior from long ago.

Ancient Greece:

In Greece, they believed that scarabs were a symbol of rebirth and transformation. They thought that scarabs coming out of the ground were like souls being born again. So, a scarab tattoo could mean starting something new and fresh.

Native America:

Some Native American tribes see scarabs as symbols of protection and guidance, like a little friend who watches over you. They might get a scarab tattoo to keep them safe and remind them of their connection to nature.

Exploring Colors and Their Meanings

Gold and Black: Imagine the shiny gold of a king’s crown and the Funny darkness of the night. Long ago, in a place called Ancient Egypt, people loved these colors. Gold meant richness and importance, while black was all about secrets and the universe’s mysteries.

Vibrant Hues: Nowadays, we use many bright colors that make us happy. These colors show our unique style and feelings. Have you heard about the Scarab Tattoo Meaning? It’s like a special mark that shows we are strong and can change, just like a scarab beetle.

Mono-Chromatic Tattoos: Some people prefer quiet and simple colors. Monochromatic tattoos are like that. They use different shades of one color to create elegant designs. These tattoos are like quiet poems, telling stories in a soft voice.

Types of Scarab Tattoos

  1. Traditional Scarab: This type of scarab tattoo shows the scarab beetle in a classic and simple style. It often portrays the beetle with its distinct shape and features, like its hard shell and unique legs.
  2. Decorative Scarab: Decorative scarab tattoos include intricate patterns and designs around the scarab beetle. These designs can be inspired by Egyptian art, such as hieroglyphics or geometric shapes, making the tattoo more visually interesting.
  3. Realistic Scarab: Realistic scarab tattoos aim to look like a lifelike scarab beetle, often with a focus on the details of its body, colors, and textures. These tattoos require a skilled tattoo artist to capture the beetle’s realistic appearance.
  4. Symbolic Scarab: Symbolic scarab tattoos focus on the deeper meaning of the scarab beetle. They might incorporate other elements like ankh symbols (representing life) or wings (signifying protection) to enhance the overall message of the tattoo.

Choosing Where to Put Your Scarab Tattoo

1. Wrist and Forearm: These are the perfect stages for your Scarab Tattoo. They’re like your arms’ red carpets! These spots are like showing off the Scarab’s beauty to the world. Plus, they talk about doing things and getting stuff done – just like the Scarab’s journey of change.

2. Behind the Ear: If you’re into secrets and surprises, this spot is your go-to. It’s like having your own special secret with the Scarab. When someone notices it, you can share its special meaning. It’s like a treasure you keep close to!

3. Ankle and Foot: Imagine you’re taking steps to become a better you – just like the Scarab growing into its best self. Placing your tattoo here is like saying, “I’m on a journey of change.” Just like the Scarab crawls, you’re moving forward!

It’s More Popular with Women Or men

The Scarab tattoo is popular among both women and men, but it’s often more popular among men. This is because the Scarab beetle has been a symbol of strength, protection, and transformation in many cultures. These qualities are often associated with traits that are traditionally considered feminine, like power and resilience.

However, women also appreciate the meaning behind the Scarab tattoo. It represents rebirth and the ability to overcome challenges. Some women might choose this tattoo to show their inner strength and their ability to transform and grow in tough times.

So, while both women and men get Scarab tattoos, men might lean towards it more because of its historical connections with masculine qualities. But really, anyone can choose a Scarab tattoo to express their personal journey and strength.

Celebrities and Scarab Tattoos

Powerful figures are increasingly decorating themselves with scarab tattoos, sparking a captivating trend. These intricate designs hold a hanging of symbolism, reflecting concepts like rebirth, transformation, and protection. Renowned personalities have embraced scarab ink, imprinting their unique narratives upon their skin.

The allure of scarab tattoos transcends the confines of mere body art; it’s a statement. Think of Chris Hems Worth, whose scarab tattoo peeks interesting from beneath his shirt in the be-surprised cinematic realm. Whispers of enigma go with each glimpse, leaving fans to make sense of its significance.

Music, too, finds solace in the embrace of scarab tattoos. Rihanna, with her melodic prowess, sports a scarab ink, a cryptic emblem adding layers to her personality. The world of beats merges like a dream with ancient symbolism.

Scarab Tattoo Designs Ideas For Men And Women

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